Rule Changes Now in Effect

The following rules have been amended and the changes are now in effect:

21 NCAC 02 .0108 FeesĀ  – Exam application fee removed.

21 NCAC 02 .0206 Requirement for and Use of Professional Seal – Mostly housekeeping to improve the flow of the rule, update specifications for use of digital signature and electronic seals.

21 NCAC 02 .0209 Unprofessional Conduct – Adds two statutes that were amended by HB 255 (GS 153A, GS 153A-357 and 160A, 160A-417) and clarifies that failing to renew your license and continuing to practice is unprofessional conduct.

21 NCAC 02 .0213 Individual Licenses – Clarifies the administrative process of license renewals.

21 NCAC 02 .0301 Application for Registration of Exam – Repealed (see also 21 NCAC 02 .0108 Fees)

21 NCAC 02 .0302 Examination – Clarifies the administrative process in place since NCBA is now a Direct Registration State with NCARB.