NCGS 83A-13 Policy Statement – The Board shall interpret exemptions in NCGS 83A-13 as set forth in this policy.

BIM/IPD – The Board Policy Statement on BIM/IPD projects.

Neighborhood Architectural Review Board – Board of Architecture guidance on sealing documents for ARB.

Consumer Guide – “How to Find, Hire and Work with an Architect – Building Your Dreams.”

Design/Build Opinion – Board of Architecture opinion on design/build arrangements.

Offsite Drafting –  Board of Architecture non-binding interpretive statement on Offsite Drafting.

Prototype Single Family Residences – Guideline on interpretations.

Non-Licensed Practice Policy – Board of Architecture policy on per project civil penalty fee for non-licensed practice

Renewal Notification Policy – Board Of Architecture policy on sending subsequent renewal notices.

Plans For Oneself – Board of Architecture guidance on G.S. 83A-13 (d).

Position Statement on NCGS 153A-352(c) and (d) and 160A-412(c)  Additionally, the Department of Insurance/Office of the State Fire Marshall has published a Guidance Paper on Acceptance of Licensed Architect or Engineer Inspections.

Successor Architect Policy – Guidance on how a new architect (successor architect) can take over a project already begun by another architect.

Information for individuals who hold a Degree from a school outside of the United States
In order to qualify to sit for the Architecture Registration Exam (ARE), which leads to licensure in this state, a candidate must have both their degree and work experience evaluated.The degree must be equivalent to a National Architecture Accreditation Board (NAAB) accredited professional degree in architecture. The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) through their Architecture Experience Program (AXP) evaluates work experience. For work experience contact: NCARB at (202) 783-6500 or   For degree evaluation information please contact NAAB at or (202) 783-2007.  After the degree is evaluated and the AXP completed you may apply to the NC Board of Architecture to take the ARE. Upon successful completion of all sections of the exam you will be eligible for licensure in North Carolina .