Continuing Education

Continuing education is post-licensure or registration learning that enables an architect or registered interior designer to increase or update knowledge of and competence in technical and professional subjects related to the practice of architecture and interior design to safeguard the public’s health, safety, and welfare.

Board staff can not determine if a course is appropriate or acceptable as HSW. You must make this determination on your own, as a licensed or registered  professional. Use the following as a guideline when selecting structured educational activities:

Health, Safety, and Welfare Subjects – Technical and professional subjects that the Board deems appropriate to safeguard the public and that are within the following enumerated areas necessary for the proper evaluation, design, construction, and utilization of buildings and the built environment. For example-

PRACTICE MANAGEMENT: This category focuses on areas related to the management of architectural and registered interior design practice and the details of running a business.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT: This category focuses on areas related to the management of architectural or interior design projects through execution.

PROGRAMMING & ANALYSIS: This category focuses on areas related to the evaluation of project requirements, constraints, and opportunities.

PROJECT PLANNING & DESIGN: This category focuses on areas related to the preliminary design of sites and buildings.

PROJECT DEVELOPMENT & DOCUMENTATION: This category focuses on areas related to the integration and documentation of building systems, material selection, and material assemblies into a project.

CONSTRUCTION & EVALUATION: This category focuses on areas related to construction contract administration and post-occupancy evaluation of projects.”

Continuing Education FAQ

What is a ‘Structured Educational Activity? Educational activities in which at least 75 percent of an activity’s content and instructional time must be devoted to Health, Safety, and Welfare Subjects related to the practice of architecture, including courses of study or other activities under the areas identified as Health, Safety and Welfare Subjects and provided by qualified individuals or organizations, whether delivered by direct contact or distance learning methods.

To whom do CE rules apply? They apply to every active licensee and registrant. Board Rules CE Rules are found in section 21 NCAC 02.0900.

How many contact hours must be obtained? 12 contact hours in the areas of health, safety and welfare must be obtained to renew the license or registration (a contact hour is a minimum of 50 minutes).

When must the contact hours be obtained? Contact hours must be obtained during the calendar year. A calendar year is January to December.

The renewal year is July 1 to June 30, how do we report the hours if they are to be obtained during the calendar year? To renew your license you must show that you obtained the contact hours during the previous CALENDAR year. A calendar year is January to December. For example, to Renew for 22-23  you must obtain CE during the calendar year 2021. A newly licensed individual is exempt from CE for the year in which you become licensed. For example, if your license was issued in January 2022 you do not have to begin obtaining CE until January 2023. On your 2024-2025 renewal form you can indicate that you are ‘exempt’ from CE. More examples:

To renew for 2022-2023 you must obtain the CE in 2021

To renew for 2023-2024 you must obtain the CE in 2022

To renew for 2024-2025 you must obtain the CE in 2023

If you were licensed or registered in 2021 you are exempt from CE to renew for 2022-2023.  You should begin obtaining CE in 2022 to renew for 2023-2024.

If you do not have the required CE to renew your license will be renewed provisionally and you will be placed on probation and given until December 31 of that calendar year to obtain the delinquent CE. If you do not have the required CE and renew late, after the CE calendar year has ended, you will not be allowed to renew until the delinquent CE is obtained. It is in your best interest to obtain the CE and renew in a timely manner.

How are the hours reported? The hours are reported on your individual renewal. A simple statement asking if you have complied with the CE rule is on the form; you must check a box indicating “yes” or “no”.  Before you check ‘yes’ please double check to ensure that you have indeed complied.  DO NOT SEND CONTINUING EDUCATION LOGS WITH RENEWAL TO THE BOARD OFFICE. You do not have to send your log unless you are specifically audited.

May I carry over hours from one year to the next? No. Carry over is not allowed.

What subject areas are required for CE credit? The contact hours shall be in technical and professional architectural or interior design subjects directly related to safeguarding health, safety and welfare. Health, Safety & Welfare

How do I record my CE hours? The CE rule provides three ways to log your CE credit.  A self-made log showing the type of activity claimed, sponsoring organization, location, duration, the name of the instructor and amount of hours earned, or a file of attendance certificates or other type of evidence of participation, or Records maintained by the AIA/CES or IDCEC.

How long do I have to keep my CE records? The records must be retained for a period of six years after the credit is claimed.

Are the contact hours pro-rated if I became licensed or registered in the middle of the year? No, you are completely exempt from the CE rule for the year in which you become licensed or registered.

I have emeritus status from the AIA, am I exempt from the CE rule? No, the NCBA/RID and the AIA are different organizations; therefore you must apply to the Board for “emeritus status”. See rule 21 NCAC 02 .0217 for the architect emeritus guidelines.

I am not a resident of NC but my home state requires CE. Do I have to comply with each state rule? The requirements for NC shall be deemed satisfied by a non-resident registrant provided their state accepts NC CE requirements. If that is the case you may check “yes” on the renewal from as complying with the NC CE rule.

Are there any exemptions for CE?  Yes, a licensee or registrant serving on temporary active duty military service for more than 90 days, licensees or registrants experiencing physical disability or illness supported by documentation by a physician, individuals on emeritus status. If you wish to apply for an exemption, use this form.  If you wish to apply for emeritus status, use this form.

If your questions regarding CE are not answered in this section please feel free to contact Tyler Barrick at .