Rules & Laws

The North Carolina Board of Architecture Rules and Laws are public record and may be downloaded and copied for your reference. If you have any questions concerning these rules and laws, contact the Board office.

Chapter 83A Architects – The Architectural Practice Act – The Law. (Note that the General Assembly has not yet updated their web site to include the new wording for NCGS 83A. You may view SB 188 here.)

Rules of the Board – North Carolina Rules, Title 21, Chapter 2    TEMPORARY RULES NOW IN EFFECT

The Professional Corporation Act  Chapter 55B

NC Limited Liability Company Act Chapter 57D

Chapter 59 Limited Liability Partnerships, relevant sections:
GS 59-45
GS 59-84.2
GS 59-84.3

Article 3D. Procurement of Architectural, Engineering, and Surveying Services. § 143-64.31.  Declaration of public policy. (“Mini-Brooks Act or “Fee Bidding”) GS 143-64.31

If you need the Board’s ruling on issues pertaining to the rules and laws, contact the Board in writing and request a Declaratory Ruling. See Board rule 21 NCAC 02.0501 .

Any person may petition the Board to adopt a new rule or change or amend an existing rule by sending a rule-making petition to the Board. See Board rule 21 NCAC 02. 0401 .

The North Carolina Industrial Commission Public Notice Statement as required by NCGS 143-764(a)(5), effective December 31, 2017 – All architects applying for licensure or renewal must read and understand the Public Notice Statement.