Architect Applications

Architecture Firm Licensure

North Carolina Professional Corporation – Used when forming a new NC Corporation. (PA, PC, Inc.)

North Carolina Professional Limited Liability Company  – Used when forming a new NC Company. (PLLC)

Out of State Corporations – For use by out of state firms that are going to offer services in North Carolina. (PA, PC, Inc.)

Out of State Limited Liability Companies – For use by out of of state firms that are going to do business in North Carolina. (PLLC)

Firm Name Change Form – Use this form if you need to change the name of the firm. For use by any of the above listed entities.

The Board of Architecture does not license Limited Liability Partnerships, however, the LLP must apply for approval to practice in this State.  The applications are as follows:

North Carolina Limited Liability Partnerships – Use this form for approval if your LLP is from North Carolina.  All Partners must hold licensure in this State

Out of State (“Foreign”) Limited Liability Partnerships – Use this form if your LLP is from out of state.  At least one Partner must hold licensure in North Carolina.

All LLPs must file a listing of partners annually.

Questions regarding firm licensure should be directed to Tyler Barrick at

Individual Architect Licensure

Licensure by Reciprocity – Must have NCARB certification and current licensure in another State to use this form Online or submit a PAPER form. Please note you must contact NCARB separately and have them submit a copy of your certified record to the North Carolina Board of Architecture. DO NOT USE THIS FORM IF YOU ARE AN EXAM CANDIDATE.  YOUR FEES WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.  SEE ‘LICENSURE BY EXAM’ SECTION BELOW.

emeritus application – Emeritus Status is reserved for individuals who have completely retired from the practice of architecture – you may not offer or render any services and you may not be currently licensed in any jurisdiction.  Upon approval of Emeritus Status, you may only use the title Architect Emeritus.

LICENSure to practice architecture by exam

To become eligible to take the Exam for licensure North Carolina, contact NCARB directly.  In order to qualify to take the exam for NC you must have a NAAB accredited degree and an active NCARB record.  NCARB will notify you of your eligibility status and send scores directly to you.

Once you have completed all North Carolina requirements for licensure by exam, contact NCARB and direct them to transmit your completed AXP record to the North Carolina Board of Architecture for review. North Carolina will also accept candidates via the NCARB Approved IPAL program.  Upon receipt of your completed NCARB AXP, the Board of Architecture will contact you with further instructions.

Questions regarding licensure by exam may be submitted to .

***Note that Fees are NOT refundable.***